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HSN超速网络项目,其研发分公司九链科技与天贝物联正设于【深圳】,作为全球首个公链 + 5G 应用架构的价值生态网络体系,旨在利用区块链技术实现复杂的应用场景业务上链,为 5G 数字时代的产业发展助力。HSN具体是怎样利用区块链技术来解决5G时代的挑战?

近期,知名媒体China Crypto News对HSN项目方进行了英文专访和深度报道:《HSN超速网络——利用区块链解决5G时代的挑战》
(文章链接: http://www.chinacryptonews.com/industry/hyper-speed-network-blockchain-5g-era/ 



The development of 5G is gaining momentum with an increasing number of countries issuing licenses to telecom providers. China, for example, in June granted four licenses to domestic operators, including China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. It doesn't come as a surprise that China is among the first countries taking this step. Chinese smartphone and communication equipment manufacturer Huawei is one of the world leading companies in the field of 5G equipment.

However, Huawei has been facing serious headwinds amidst security concerns by various governments around the world, as they suspect the company to build in so-called backdoors in its systems enabling them to spy and share this information with the Chinese goverment. Countries in the European Union are skeptical and debating whether it should ban Huawei equipment from its 5G infrastructure. Australia already took the step to ban the Chinese giant and the US made it part of the trade war between the world's two biggest economies.


Regardless the suspicions of governments across the globe are true or not, any country should just be sure that running the 5G is safe whether it be Huawei, Ericsson or Nokia providing the core equipment. Blockchain start-up Hyper Speed Network (HSN) might well be the answer to these concerns. As the world's first 5G+Blockchain value ecosystem, HSN provides solutions to the common problems blockchain is facing. At present, consensus, transaction processing, and data throughput cannot meet the needs of complex application scenarios and the increasing amounts of data.

不管这种怀疑是杞人忧天还是真有其事,任何国家都应该确保无论是华为,爱立信还是诺基亚提供的核心设备,运行5G都是安全的。区块链初创公司Hyper Speed Network(HSN)超速网络将解决这一系列令人担忧的问题。作为世界上第一个5G +区块链价值生态体系,HSN为区块链所面临的常见问题提供了解决方案。目前,共识、交易处理和数据吞吐量已经无法满足复杂的应用场景以及数据量不断增长的需求。

Technological Advantages HSN

To address the abovementioned issues, HSN's R&D team developed an innovative architecture that will enable seamless integration of blockchain with 5G networks, including:


· Edge Nodes
· 边缘节点
· Miner Nodes
· 超级节点
· File Encryption & Deduplication
· 文件加密和去重
· Blockchain Technology
· 区块链技术
· Layered Consensus Mechanism
· 分层共识机制
· Side Chain Technology
· 侧链技术

As these technical concepts might be hard to understand for the average person in the crypto space, the HSN team launched their "Technical Analysis" series. Part I was published a few weeks and went into detail about deduplication, Part II followed last week. In an earlier stage articles about HSN's 5G MEC Communication Module and its innovative edge computing technology were published.

由于这些技术概念相对来说难以理解,HSN团队推出了“HSN技术解读系列”文章。《技术解读课堂1:HSN的核心技术“加密去重”,其作用及原理是什么?》发布于前几周,详细介绍了HSN加密去重技术的原理。紧接着《技术解读课堂2:HSN如何为5G时代的云计算市场增添新动力》也在上周发布了。在更早之前,还发表了文章《创新企业推动物联网及5G产业发展,HSN的5G MEC通信模块助企业一臂之力》 及其《HSN通过边缘计算创新助力AI发展》。

HSN is developing a secure network and trust mechanism for connected terminals/devices under the 5G architecture. In short, HSN's network will provide:


· High Throughput: tens of millions of TPS
· 高吞吐量:数千万TPS
· Big Capacity: unlimited storage
· 大容量:无限存储
· High Reliability: double-layer consensus
· 高可靠性:双层共识
· Diversity: innovative smart contracts, multi-scenario adaptation
· 多样性:创新的智能合约,多场景适应
· High Compatibility: cross-chain support, low developer threshold
· 高兼容性:交叉链支持,低开发人员阈值
· Low Cost: optimized economic model, low operating cost

The HSN team is eager to contribute to push the development of 5G and blockchain to the next level. Several patent applications have been filed, all of which will be disclosed in the near future once final approval has been granted.


Over the last few weeks, HSN has announced several significant partners that will use 5G related products and services.


Firstly, HSN's subsidiary and development company TenBay IoT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lenovo, the famous computer hardware manufacturer. HSN will, among other things, provide Smart Storage devices and 5G routers.

首先,HSN旗下的研发公司天贝物联(TenBay IoT)与著名的计算机硬件制造商联想Lenovo签署了战略合作协议。HSN将提供智能存储设备和5G路由器。

Shortly afterwards, HSN announced its second major partner: Quectel Wireless Solutions. Listed on the Shanghai stock exchange and annual revenues of over USD200 million, Quectel has been a global leader in IoT related devices and services for over a decade. The company selected HSN's subsidiary TenBay IoT to provide 5G terminal application products and integrated solutions.

第二个主要合作伙伴是上海移远通信(Quectel Wireless Solutions)。移远通信在上海证券交易所上市,年收入超过2亿美元,十多年来一直是物联网相关设备和服务的全球领先者。该公司选择HSN旗下天贝物联为其提供5G终端应用产品和集成解决方案

Another remarkable partnership included the agreement HSN signed with MeiG (listed on the stock exchange in Shenzhen) to jointly improve mobile broadband (eMBB), massive machine type communication (mMTC) and low latency high reliability communication (uRLLC) to create better 5G products and solutions.

另一个合作伙伴是美格智能(MeiG Smart)。HSN 超速网络与美格智能(在深圳证券交易所上市)签署协议,共同改进移动宽带(eMBB),大规模机器类通信(mMTC)和低延迟高可靠性通信(uRLLC),以创造更好的5G产品和解决方案。

Furthermore, HSN together with Shenzhen JieShun Technology (listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange) won the bid to create a 'smart' scenic spot. The companies will be in charge to develop a "Intelligent Scenic Spot Platform", including 12 software systems such as ticket sales, scenic spot pass card, shop sales, equipment leasing, and attendance management, etc. 


Lastly, HSN's subsidiary TenBay IoT won a bid from Redtea Mobile to provide 4G/5G eSIM solutions.

HSN超速网络旗下天贝物联与红茶移动取得了合作,提供4G / 5G eSIM解决方案。

HSN has been trading on several exchanges since it first launched on MXC in June. By now, it is trading on almost ten exchanges,including Dragonex, MyTo-ken, IXX, BT Exchange, GOKO Exchange and Ronance. The team is currently negotiating with several other exchanges to get listed, including those most frequently used by HSN's western community.


Following the coin's overall performance can be done at CoinGecko and Feixiaohao (Chinese). Coinmarketcap is expected to follow in the near future. For those tracking the value of their crypto portfolio through a smartphone app, Delta already included HSN.

Essentially, HSN provides not only a communication channel for smart 5G devices but also storage space for massive data generated by these devices and computing power for value exploration based on this data. Blockchain asymmetric encryption and smart contracts ensure data security; the token economy incentivizes users to actively contribute their idle computing and storage resources.


HSN has made great progress over the last 4 months and will continue to do so. As the global leader in 5G + Blockchain, it will ensure safe and secure usage of any connected device in the IoT era. Check out the complete roadmap to see what's next for Hyper Speed Network!

HSN在过去4个月中取得了很大进展,接下来仍将继续保持或更进一个层级。作为5G +区块链的全球领先者,HSN超速网络将确保在物联网时代,能够安全可靠地使用任何连接设备。查看完整的路线图,了解Hyper Speed Network的下一步计划是什么!

Where to find HSN

官网: https://www.hsn.link/ 
Medium: https://medium.com/@hyperspeednetwork2019